Heart of Europe

This territory is made up of four regions that are clearly distinguished by their character, architecture, culture, landscape and cuisine.
  • Bonnefantmuseum - Maastricht
  • Château de Hoensbroek
  • Grottes de Valkenburg

Dutch South Limburg, nicknamed “Little Switzerland”

Located in the southern pocket of the Netherlands, Dutch South Limburg is also called “Little Switzerland” on account of its hilly landscape, the country’s most accentuated.

Explore its cities, which include Maastricht and, in the surrounding area, the Parkstad, home to Hoensbroek Castle, one of the Netherlands’ largest castles.
Ride on an old steam train from Kerkrade to Valkenburg and find out how “Sang de Stokhemwine is made!
  • Grand Place de Hasselt
  • Musée de la mode - Hasselt
  • Basilique Notre-Dame de Tongres

Belgian Limburg... Walkers’ paradise

Belgian Limburg is a real paradise for walks. Stroll in the Hoge Kempen national park, stop off at Hasselt, a town reserved for pedestrians, capital of Taste and offering tours of the Genever gin and fashion museums.

Succumb to the charm of the Provincial Domain of Bokrijk, a real open-air museum, or jump into the past in Tongeren at the Gallo-Roman museum in Belgium’s oldest town.
  • Palais des Princes-Evêques - Liège
  • Thermes de Spa - piscine extérieure
  • Jambon d'Ardenne - terroir belge

The Province of Liège and its countless tourist attractions

The Province of Liège will surprise you still further with its Prince-Bishops’ Palace, the Archéoforum telling the story of the Ardent City’s development since its origins, or St-Paul Cathedral and its Treasure.

Further east, explore Eupen, the capital of the East-Belgium, along with the town of Malmedy and its famous Malmundarium, a major attraction relating the region’s history, folklore and old industries.

Did you know that the town of Spa, the birthplace of thermalism, was called the Café of Europe in the 18th century? This appellation originates from the fact that, at that time, Spa welcomed numerous princes and crowned heads from throughout Europe. The city of water has retained its splendour and prestige from that era.

Finally, on the regional side, be sure to visit the Bellevaux brewery, which offers 4 beers brewed in superb copper vats, or the Montenau salt meat producers in Amel, renowned for their authentic Ardenne ham.
  • Centre ville de Aachen
  • Citadelle de Jülich
  • Tour d'observation - Indemann

The Aachen region, which abounds in surprising landscapes

As for the Aachen-Düren-Jülich region, this abounds in astonishingly contrasting landscapes (Blausteinsee, Rureifel and more) and offers towns of historical and leisure interest such as Monschau, the magical place, Aachen, its baths and Cathedral Treasure, but also Stolberg, a former copper town dominated by its fortified castle, along with Düren and Jülich.

The region is just as readily evocative of its industrial past; this is attested by the Indemman observation tower with its view across the open-cast mine at Inden.